2024 Copa America Odds and Pick

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We’ve seen little to no movement in the 2024 Copa America odds over the last few weeks. Online sportsbooks – like Lucky Cola – have Argentina as the slightest of favorites in front of Brazil.

We’ve seen little to no movement in the 2024 Copa America odds over the last few weeks. Online sportsbooks – like Lucky Cola – have Argentina as the slightest of favorites in front of Brazil. The two South American giants are, as always, the primary contenders for winning the title. No surprises there.

Remember, the 2024 Copa America is set to kickoff on June 20th with the first set of the group stage clashes. Luckily, there’s still plenty of time to analyze the Copa American betting odds and come up with the most attackable bets!

Updated 2024 Copa America Odds

The dynamic tandem of Argentina and Brazil are at the top of all Copa America 2024 odds out there. However, their biggest challenger is going to be Uruguay, with the likes of Luis Suarez and Darwin Nunez eyeing the title.

Below you can find a closer look at the odds on June 19th, courtesy of Lucky Cola. Check out our comprehensive Lucky Cola review for more information on the odds, bonuses, and soccer betting coverage in general.

Costa Rica+8000


Let’s face it, Argentinians have been the best South American team for quite a while now. I’d say their domination started with Leo Messi’s arrival at the top of the food chain. More precisely, I’d say it all started slightly more than a decade ago.

The pinnacle of the Argentinian dominance was the World Cup trophy in Qatar two years ago. It wasn’t just the pinnacle of their dominance, but the pinnacle of Leo Messi’s marvelous career too.

But, Leo is not getting any younger and while Argentina continues to provide quality individuals, their team is in worse shape than it was when it won the World Cup title.

I know many won’t agree with me on this one, but I don’t fancy the Argentinians’ chances in the US. Sure, they won’t have any issues in the group stage. But, once in the knockout stages, their flimsy defense might be the culprit behind a shocking elimination.

Despite such shakiness, the best soccer betting sites feature Copa America odds with Argentinians as the favorites in front of Brazil. I for one don’t share such an opinion, and I’ll elaborate a bit further right below.


However, Brazil is going through somewhat of a mild generational change. Neymar is out on injury, while the likes of Gabriel Jesus and Casemiro failed to make it into the final 2024 Copa America squad list. There are lots of youngsters involved, but all eyes will be pointed at Endrick, the new Brazilian wunderkind who’s been the focal point of countless comparisons over the last few months.

Despite all that, Brazil is my top pick to win the tournament, despite Copa America 2024 odds having them as the second-best team. At +225, Brazil to win the tournament seems like the best outright winner bet you can place. Trust in Vini Jr – he’ll make it happen!


With Argentina and Brazil considered the dominant favorites, Uruguay could easily be the ultimate sleeper pick ahead of the opener. According to the Copa America odds, Uruguay are firmly in third place, much closer to the top two than the rest of the pack.

Don’t even get me started on Uruguay’s previous accomplishments. Mind you, the Uruguayans have won the tournament 15 times already. Plus, their current team looks packed with talents, including a few world-class names like Darwin Nunez, Federico Valverde, and experienced Luis Suarez.

Obviously, Marcelo Bielsa needs no further introduction either. The 68-year-old Argentinian has had plenty f success on the international stage and will know how to deal with pressure of such a big tournament.

Group C should be a casual walk in the park for the Uruguayans. They have a formidable squad, though they lack depth in the middle of the field. But, despite that, they’re still the third-best option in the tournament and should cruise to the semifinals without any issues. Once there, who knows whether or not they’ll be able to snowball into the grand finals. At +500, it might actually be worth a shot!

Who Will Win Copa America?

Even though there seems to be a general consensus that Argentina will win the 2024 Copa America, I reckon the trophy will end up in the hands of Vini jr. There, I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again – I believe Brazil will lift the trophy at the Hard Rock Stadium on July 14th.


Simply because the new Brazil team looks fresh and fit and this is the perfect opportunity for their redemption story. Even though Leo Messi is still in the mix, I expect the likes of Vini Jr and Endrick to kickstart a new era of Brazilian dominance.

Brazil will be playing without the likes of Casemiro, Gabriel Jesus, and, most notably, Neymar. We might not even see them play for the national side on a big tournament ever again. Neymar is out on injury, but the rest of the pack were replaced by younger, more in-form options… and we gotta respect that!

Despite losing 1:0 in the last head-to-head clash against the Argentinians, my money is on the Brazilians to win the 2024 Copa America. Brazil to win outright is +225 at Lucky Cola, which isn’t half-bad considering their form and individual qualities.

What About the Copa America Group Stage Betting Options?

Obviously, Lucky Cola and similar top-tier online sportsbooks offer a massive library of additional Copa America bets. They include a ton of props, match-based bets, and outrights. Here, we’ll be focusing on the latter. So, before going any further, let’s check out Copa America odds for the group stage winners:

To Win Group ATo Win Group BTo Win Group CTo Win Group D
Argentina -400Mexico +110Uruguay -140Brazil -250
Chile +600Ecuador +160USA +135Colombia +275
Peru +1,000Venezuela +550Panama +1,600Paraguay +1,200
Canada +1200Jamaica +900Bolivia +1,800Costa Rica +1,800

The betting odds featured in the table are courtesy of Lucky Cola. They’re not set in stone, though. Copa America odds will change in the coming days. Some bookies will even close the “to win the group” books right before the opening match. Keep tabs on the closing times so you don’t miss out on some of the offers.

Best Copa America Group Stage Bets

Argentina and Brazil to win their groups could be an interesting parlay. The chances of these two South American giants to miss out on the top spot in groups A and D, respectively, are next to nothing. I am not even exaggerating here.

This two-bet parlay amounts to -133 total odds, which could be a fine way to kick off your Copa America betting session. If you’re feeling lucky, you could even add Uruguay at -140. That would boost your parlay to +200, but would add a hefty dose of risk coming from Team USA.

If I were you, I’d have USA at +135 on a standalone ticket. Group B is wide open too, with Mexico and Ecuador equally capable of snatching the top spot. I’d stay away from that one, if I were you.

Copa America Odds Summary

As mentioned in the intro, there are no big surprises as far as the Copa America odds are concerned. The two top figures still remain the same – Brazil and Argentina – followed closely by Uruguay.

Judging by individual player quality, recent forms, and team cohesion, no other team comes close to these three. So, even though +2,800 on Chile and +1,200 on the USA sound appealing, the title will likely go to one of the top three contenders.