10 Casino Jobs and How to Get Them

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Casino jobs can be exciting and lucrative. However, it can get a little confusing finding the one that’s right for you. Most casinos are like resorts as they have everything a person could want all in one place.

Casino jobs can be exciting and lucrative. However, it can get a little confusing finding the one that’s right for you. Most casinos are like resorts as they have everything a person could want all in one place. With them being set up this way it creates a situation where they employ many different people in many different areas.

Casinos usually pay well. Some jobs may have a base wage of minimum wage but they’re usually jobs that include tips. This allows the employee to make a lot more money than a normal person would on minimum wage.

One of the best things about working at a casino is the way they promote their employees. Many casinos have a policy that they promote from within before hiring outside. This means that the job you start in doesn’t have to be your dream job. It’s a starting point and can be a great way to work yourself up through the ranks.

Most casinos give you a ninety day probation period, which is the norm now for most jobs. However, this might be all it takes for you to start moving up. If after your ninety days is up you want to move to a different position based on the casino’s policy you might be on able to go ahead and move or at least start bidding on other in house positions.

The one downside of working at a casino is that you’ll find it hard to get a holiday or weekend off. Casinos are run as an entertainment business so it’s there to provide its customers with what they want year round. Many people are only able to visit these locations during holidays and on the weekends when they have time off.

Like most jobs, the longer you work at a casino the better options you’ll have available. Casinos offer great benefits which may include the regular health, vision, and dental. They may also offer special rates and freebies to employees. One thing that most people hold with a high regard is being able to get the shifts they want to work because they have seniority.

How to Get an Interview

The best way to find the openings available is to go to the casino’s web page. You can usually find a link at the bottom of the page that leads you to the employment section. In this section, all of the jobs that are available at this location can be seen.

Sometimes casinos are owned by larger corporations such as MGM, so if you go to the web site you may find jobs for other casinos as well. This can be great if you’re just looking for any job but know the type of establishment you want to work in.

The number one thing to do to get the interview is to apply. You can apply online for most jobs either directly through the casino’s employment page or a job service web site. LinkedIn is being used much more these days so if you don’t have an account you should go get one.

When you’re choosing a job to apply for make sure that you meet the requirements. If you have most of the requirements but not all go ahead and apply because sometimes experience in other areas can be just as good as education.

Make sure that if you’re applying online by filling out an application that you don’t leave anything blank. Some casinos may use a service to help them pick a handful of candidates for the job and if there are blank spaces the systems may kick out the application.

If you’re sending a resume in make sure it’s professional. Casinos operate as a luxurious escape for their clients and expect their employees to represent the brand the same way. If you turn in a resume that looks like a 6th grader made it you can kiss your interview goodbye.

If your application meets the standards they’re looking for you’ll get a call from Human Resources.

During the interview, you’ll be served best by going in and showing the interviewer how you would be on the job. So going in showing that you’re outgoing and have the ability to communicate with others is a great way to start the process.

Make sure that if you’re lucky enough to get an interview you take this opportunity seriously. You need to be dressed professionally and neatly groomed. It’s also important to be on time. You may even want to be a few minutes early to show you’re punctual.

Managers are more likely to hire someone who comes into an interview who presents themselves well and seems confident and outgoing. To them, this tells them that you really want the job and that you’ll become a valued employee.

You’re Hired!

So you had a great interview and you just got the call that you got the job. What do you do now? Well, the first thing to do is celebrate a little because in all reality you’ll be busy in the coming future.

Then it’s time to get yourself and everyone in your life ready for your new job. You need to make sure that you have the ability to perform the job you’ve been hired for. So you need to make sure you have the professional outfits ready if the job you received requires it. Some jobs have uniforms which you’ll get on your first day.

Make sure that if you have children you have reliable child care for any shift you may find yourself working. Casinos are 24 hours a day operations and many times an employee may be asked to stay over to cover another shift so don’t lose out on that over time just because you weren’t prepared.

Be sure to always be on time and ready to work. These types of employees are noticed and have a better chance at getting promotions.

Jobs Available

1 – Dealers

1 – Dealers

Depending on the casino policy those applying for dealers positions may need no experience. Most dealer positions come with in-house training so that the employee follows the casino’s rules of dealing. Some casinos, however, want an experienced dealer and will hire graduates of dealing schools. These schools provide the student with a certification in dealing which can give them an upper hand during the application process.

Dealers have to be able to shuffle and deal cards without fail. She must know how the game is played and be able to give the players advice if asked. It’s important for her to have the ability to communicate well with others in this position.

The main duty of a casino dealer is to pass cards or other items related to game play to the players. The dealer normally must stand and do so from a designated spot at the table. Each time a new game is started the dealer will ask a player to cut the cards once they have finished shuffling.

Dealers are also responsible for determining when it’s time to reshuffle the cards. This is usually done after a good streak in gambling games such as blackjack. Dealers must also decide when a new deck of cards needs to be cracked.

To the players, the most important job a dealer has is making accurate pay outs. Dealers are the ones who must analyze each player’s hand or cards depending on the game to determine who the winner is. Once she has determined who receives a payout the dealer must accurately dispense the winnings. This requires the dealer to have impeccable math skills.

When the amounts being wagered are high the dealer must make sure to get confirmation from a floor supervisor or pit boss before allowing the bet. This keeps the player and dealer honest and helps lower the rate of fraud at the tables.

Having a friendly and knowledgeable demeanor is important for a dealer as well. Being welcoming to new players and giving advice to inexperienced players is important. Who wants to play at a table with a dealer who doesn’t really want you there? Talking to the players keeps them comfortable and playing and can lead to a lucrative night for the dealer.

In some cases, the dealer can even be responsible for directing the customers on where they need to go to find lost items or give directions to certain areas of the casino. Dealers want to try to keep their players happy so they will also be the person who helps keep the drinks coming.

Dealers are also responsible for being the on the ground security. Since they are directly involved in the game they will find it easier to detect if a player is cheating. Casinos put a lot of trust in their dealers to report any tricks or unfair playing that they believe is taking place.

If a dealer suspects that a player is cheating they will usually notify the floor supervisor or pit boss. The supervisor will then make a special effort to watch the game and see if the dealer was correct. Dealers must also work with the supervisors when a player wants to exchange cash for chips when seated at the table.

The supervisor must confirm the cash amount and that the dealer is giving the player the correct amount of chips associated with that amount.

At the end of each shift, a dealer must reconcile the table. She must count the cash and chips and make sure that the values are equal. Once this is completed she is now responsible for documenting her amounts by writing a collections report for her supervisor.

Dealers pay scales vary from casino to casino and you have to take into consideration the game and shift the dealer works. Most dealers will start a lower wage during their probation period and then receive a raise once this period is up.

The most recent reports have shown that the national average for the base salary of a casino dealer is $37,258.00 per year. The minimum salary is $17,000 and the max is around $53,000 per year.

Dealers, like many other employees in the casino business, can receive tips from players. This is where dealers make their most money. It’s customary for players to tip their dealer even if they’re not winning.

However, if the dealer is having a good night and her players find themselves on a winning streak they will usually be tipped generously. The more cordial and helpful a dealer is the better the tips will be. Treat the players how you would want to be treated and you’ll be rewarded.

2 – Wait Staff

2 – Wait Staff

Being a waiter, bar tender, or waitress at a casino can be one of the most lucrative jobs in the business. The wait staff at any casino must be professional and have the knowledge needed to tend to many different types of people.

This job can be demanding and requires the employee to work in stressful situations at times. Having a tough skin is always important in this type of job. You’ll come into contact with many different people but not all of them will be nice people.

The requirements to get this job usually consist of having some experience. A casino is so fast paced that the people hired to man the bar and deliver drinks do not get much on the job training. So if this is a job you see yourself doing in the future get some experience before applying at the casino.

Communications skills are probably the most important skill a member of the casino’s wait staff has. You have to know how to communicate and be professional so that you provide the best service possible to the customers. The customers are the most important people when you work at a casino they must be treated well and have all their requested taken care in a timely manner.

In most casinos, there’s a requirement that all employees who are working the floor must be well groomed and adhere to a uniform policy. You see this in just about e aspect of a casino the staff is dressed based on the theme of the casino itself.

Many casinos even have height, weight, and other requirements that their employees must adhere to. This seems to fall under the heading of discrimination. However, I believe these guidelines are put in place due to the uniform many of the waitresses have to wear. This is not to say that someone who doesn’t meet these guidelines can’t work at a casino just that the server positions might not be for them.

The servers and all staff working the floor of a casino must be at least 21 years of age to be able to qualify for the job. The government has strict rules regarding liquor and gambling and this is one that can cost the casino a great deal of trouble if it’s found that they have employed someone under 21.

Servers and bar tenders must be able to stand for an entire shift. This means that if you have leg or back problems this is definitely not the job for you. Being on your feet and moving fast is a high priority in these types of jobs so being prepared is essential.

Servers may be given special duties at times. Sometimes they are requested by customers and may be given specific orders to only take care of the high rollers. These types of special circumstances come with experience so if you’re lucky enough to get the job do everything to be the best.

If you’re regarded by your employer and customer alike you’ll find yourself being valuable to the company and will be given extra perks in some cases.

This like most employment with a casino comes with a lower annual salary but can lead to making a great deal more in tips. The more customer oriented you’re and the more reliable you become the better your ability to get the good shifts, good areas, and better tips.

3 – Pit Boss

3 – Pit Boss

This job comes with a great deal of responsibility. Many people think of the pit boss as the bad guy trying to get people in trouble. This is far from true. A good pit boss is just trying to make customers happy and keep people out that are trying to take advantage of the casino and other players.

Although to the everyday person the job of a pit boss may seem easy it’s anything but. The pit boss is the one who has to monitor all of the casino games, new or old, in their area. They are responsible for changing out decks of cards, answering phone calls, and managing the casino atmosphere.

Long ago a pit boss was responsible for the entire casino floor these days it’s all but impossible for one person to be able to watch an entire floor. That is why there are multiple pit bosses at each casino. Each boss is responsible for around a dozen games and all the floor supervisors, and dealers in their designated sections.

The employee who gets this position has to be observant. It’s the main responsibility of the pit boss to maintain integrity in e game on the floor. This means they must be knowledgeable about the games they are looking after.

They need to be able to spot when a player or dealer is doing something that is against the rules. They are there to catch players and dealers working together, those players who are counting cards at blackjack, and any player trying to cheat in any way.

They are also responsible for overseeing payout to winners and making sure that each employee on the floor is treating the customers according to the casino policies. This also includes dealing with those customers who get out of line with employees.

The pit boss is responsible for filling out a great deal of paperwork. They handle the rating sheets for players, inventory sheets for table games, and chip fill and credit slips for each game. They are also responsible for completing shift reports, MTL and CTR documents, and other reports required under the US Title 31 regulations.

One of the most dreaded parts of a pit bosses job is dealing with player disputes. Many people when playing at casinos get in over their heads and want to blame the dealer and the casino for their losses. Rarely does a shift go by where there hasn’t been a mistake made by either the player or the dealers that a pit boss will not have to step in and solve.

To be able to accurately solve the problem the pit boss must have the ability to deal with difficult people and can communicate their knowledge of the game so that the person with the problem understands why the problem occurred. If for some reason a pit boss can’t find a solution to the problem they will have to bring in the casino manager.

Pit bosses also have the ability to distribute comps to players who have met the requirements of the casino. Sometimes they may give a comp to a player who has had a huge loss to help offset the loss if they have been a good customer.

Pit bosses are responsible for all of the employees in their sections this means that they must make sure that each one of their employees are on time, are given their required breaks, and that they are accurate when count down takes place at the end of the shift.

Pit bosses have to attend training in many different areas on regular basis to keep their skills up to par and to learn any new advancement in the gambling industry. These training sessions include game protection, cheating and card counting, guest interactions, and fills, credits, and table inventory procedures.

Pit bosses are usually on the higher end of the pay scale in a casino. These employees usually start around $20 per hour. Some casinos even give the pit boss a cut of the dealer tips at the end of each shift. So this is a great job to have in the gambling world.

This job is not a starting point for many people. To get this job you’ll more than likely have to work your way up to it. So if this is your dream job start as a dealer and work your way up.


4 – Gaming Surveillance Officer

4 – Gaming Surveillance Officer

This job is mainly a security officer job where it’s their responsibility to protect the casino, its employees, and its property. A surveillance officer is a job that doesn’t require any formal education to be eligible for the job.

The surveillance officer is responsible for monitor the casino to make sure that there is no suspicious activity taking place with customers or employees. These employees help pit bosses and floor supervisors detect cheating and theft.

A person wanting to apply for this job can do so with no more than a high school diploma or GED but having some post-secondary education in gaming or security may help give you a leg up in the hiring process. Some casinos may require that their employees receive a certificate in casino security.

If you’re interested in becoming a surveillance officer you might go ahead and look into some local schools and see if they have any coursework that is related to the surveillance or gaming industries.

A surveillance officer will spend most of their time in observation rooms. These rooms are equipped with one-way mirrors, and audio and video monitors of the gaming floor. This allows the officer to keep tabs on what is going on in the casino and gives them a broader view than a pit boss has. This can lead to them seeing suspicious activity before a pit boss is able to.

They are required to maintain all audio and video records for the casino. Sometimes a casino is required to do investigations and these files may be needed during the investigation. Having good organizational skills is important. You want to be able to retrieve the needed video in a timely manner so that the casino doesn’t look like it’s trying to hide something.

Surveillance officer will at times leave the observation room and walk the floors. This is done to verify suspicions most of the time. The officer may see something that doesn’t look quite right from the room but want to be sure and will go to the floor to get a closer view before taking action.

This job doesn’t pay as well as some of the other jobs available at casinos but is not a bad job to have. The estimated earnings for a surveillance officer range from $30,000 to $34,000 per year. This is about average wages for those in the industry.

5 – Gaming Manger

5 – Gaming Manger

This position is much like that of a pit boss or floor supervisor only on a much larger scale. This job may only require the employee to have a high school diploma or GED to be eligible. This is another job that is more than likely not a starting point but a job you must work your way up to.

To be a gaming manager you must be honest and trustworthy. This job requires that you make sure that all players, dealers, and other employees are following the rules set for the casino and that employees are conducting themselves in a professional manner at all times.

A gaming manager must be observant and must walk the casino floor to monitor players and dealers to make sure that everything is being done according to the rules of the casino and the games themselves. If a manager suspects cheating or theft by an employee they must follow the casino guidelines when taking care of the issue.

This may include the firing of an employee, disciplinary action for a lesser offense, banning of a customer, or involving the police if necessary. This is not something that a manager can slide on they have to make sure that the integrity of the casino is intact at all times.

Like in most other jobs the gaming manager is responsible for the hiring, firing, and training of the casino’s employees. This can include removing an employee for theft, inappropriate behavior, or not following casino regulations.

They are responsible for making schedules, managing employee’s time off, and making sure that each employee is on time for their shift. They also must maintain employee training to make sure that each casino employee has received all the instruction they need to do the job they were hired for to the best of their ability.

You’ll find that there’s a great deal of paperwork associated with this job as well. A manager must maintain summary sheets of wagers amounts, payoffs, match winnings and payout amounts, along with documenting any bets being placed on outside sporting events.

A manager also holds the ability to establish possible house odds, the different types of games the casino needs to offer, if a player qualifies for a credit extension, bank and table limits, and track game play and wagers for player ratings.

Managers are also responsible for reviewing the expenses, budgets, betting accounts and collection reports for accuracy. If there is any inaccuracy the manager must investigate and find the problem. This can lead to them working with security to review the surveillance video. They are also responsible for recording, collecting, and paying off all bets made at the casino.

A manager must make sure that each table has a plentiful and uninterrupted flow of money and chips. Nothing worse can happen than going to a table to start a game and the dealer telling you he has no chips or after you have won and you want to cash out and there being no cash. So manager must check in regularly to see if anyone needs anything to be replenished.

This job is one of the higher paying in the field. Due to its enormous amount of responsibility, it’s likely to take someone many years to reach this level of employment. The employee who becomes the Gaming manager can look for a salary at or around $81,000 per year. Even though this job doesn’t require anything other than a high school diploma don’t think you’ll get this position without experience.

6 – Cage Cashier

6 – Cage Cashier

This job is a great place to start your casino career. This job like many others in the casino industry comes with on the job training so it doesn’t require any formal education other than a high school diploma or GED.

This job requires the employee to be able to use mathematics well. This job requires a great deal of honesty and for the employee to be trustworthy. This job is completely centered on the money of the casino so it’s important that the person doing this job be detail oriented.

Although this job doesn’t require any formal education being able to use a computer, calculator, and have good math and English skills is a must. Having a background in customer service will give you a leg up when applying for this type of position.

A cage cashier is responsible for issuing chips and coins to customers for equal the cash value being given by the customer. They must also cash out chips and coins accurately when the player is done in the casino.

Another requirement of the job is for the employee to know the rules set for the cage by the casino. They must follow these rules at all times and present themselves in a professional manner and work well with the casino’s customers.

Some casinos have a check cashing option available to their customers. It’s important that the cashier knows the policy and only cashes checks if the policy allows.

Cashiers must count and the cash they start the shift with that way at the end of the shift they can determine how much they have taken in during their shift. At the end of each shift, they must make sure that their draw balances with the reports of what was brought in and what went out during the shift.

They receive payments for markers and are responsible for sending the paid markers to the bank. They must also know how to exchange foreign currencies using the most current exchange rates available. If a customer is having issues with credit the cashier must try to assist them.

Cashiers are also responsible for correctly entering transactions into the casino’s money management system. You must understand that there’s room for human error at times but it’s important that this task is done accurately for each transaction. Any mistake made can cost the casino money and could cost you the job.

A cashier must be courteous and perform their job to the standard set forth by the casino policy. This job is one of the lower paid positions at a casino. With the pay averaging around $25,000 per year, this is a perfect job to start your casino career.

7 – Slot Technician

7 – Slot Technician

Slot technicians usually are employed by gaming establishments to maintain, inspect and repair slot machines. This position usually only requires a high school diploma or GED. Having a background in electronics, certificate, or associate degree will help you get this job.

Each casino has many of the same slot machines but some do have specialty ones that can only be found there. This is why most casinos will provide on the job training for this type of position. Being able to fix these machines regardless of the type is important.

A technician’s job is to make sure that each slot machine is working at the highest level available at all times. If a machine needs to be serviced then a pit boss or floor supervisor will call in the technician. It’s the techs responsibility to determine the problem in the least amount of time possible.

If the problem can be fixed then the tech needs to do so as soon as possible the longer a slot is down the more money the casino is losing. Being able to determine the problem and quickly get the game back up and running is the main goal for a tech.

If a problem can’t be fixed immediately it’s the techs responsibility to disable the game. A casino never wants players to play a game that is not working correctly. This only leads to problems for the casino and the player.

Techs must maintain accurate records of all services performed on the machines. Each casino has a policy of how often a machine must be serviced to maintain the highest level of play. A tech must keep accurate logs of all repair work and determine if a machine needs replacing.

They must also make sure to work with their supervisor to schedule the routine maintenance for each machine so that it’s done at a time when the game will not be missed on the floor. Most of the time routine maintenance doesn’t take long and can be done on the floor in short periods of time.

This job is a starting position and can lead to higher positions within the tech world of the casino. Starting pay for a tech ranges from $30,000 to around $35,000 per year.


8 – Front Desk Receptionist

8 – Front Desk Receptionist

Most casinos these days are more like resorts, as they all have a multitude of anonymities available to their customers. These options may include spa experiences, room rental, entertainment events, and some even host conventions for outside companies. All of these options go through the front desk receptionist.

This job is important and operates at a fast pace. This job requires the employee to always be willing to help with all of the problems that come up during a customer’s casino stay.

The front desk receptionist is one of the first people that a customer comes in contact with when they enter the casino. It’s important that this person has an upbeat personality and be good at customer service.

This position is responsible for making sure that the customer is checked in to their room and that anything they need is taken care of. They can also recommend different activities if asked by the customer and promote the casino and its other services.

This job is a great place to start although it doesn’t require any formal education those with a hospitality background will be considered for the job first. This is a fast paced job, which requires the employee to be organized and have great customer service skills.

This job doesn’t have a high wage it’s a great starting place. Someone who is not old enough to work on the casino floor but wants to build their resume this is a great way to start. Being able to earn a decent wage is always good for someone who is starting out or just needs a job to help them through school. Earning around $20,000 a year this just might be the job for you.

9 – Valet Dispatcher

9 – Valet Dispatcher

Being the first person to greet a customer and the last one to thank them is an important job. This job is given to the valet dispatcher. This job is the face of the casino as the customer enters and the last person they interact with when they leave. The valet wants to make sure that the customer feels comfortable leaving their car with them and does so by treating them with the utmost respect.

The primary responsibility of a valet dispatcher is to take care of the customer’s vehicle. They must take the car and find a parking spot for the vehicle and retrieve it when the customer needs to use it or is leaving the hotel.

Valets must have a valid driver’s license with a good driving history. It’s important that a valet knows how to handle many different types of vehicles. They must be comfortable driving any vehicle no matter the size or the type of transmission the car has.

Before parking the vehicles, the Valet must check the car completely and document any vehicle damage seen. Once the vehicle has been parked the valet records the location of the parking space and associates it with the number on the valet ticket. Upon returning to the valet stand the valet makes sure the keys and ticket are given to the valet cashier so that when the customer is ready to leave there are no problems retrieving their car.

Valet should exercise customer service as their top priority. They are the ones that customers will come to for directions to different areas and they may even be asked for suggestions on places to visit or restaurants to try. A valet must always be accommodating and friendly.

This job requires the employee to be on their feet and sitting for extended amounts of time so those with back, feet, and leg issues this is probably not the job for you. This job usually starts at minimum wage but can be lucrative with tips.

10 – Executive Chef

10 – Executive Chef

Most casinos these days have everything all in one place to better serve their customer’s needs. So it’s no surprise that a restaurant has been established in most casinos in operation today. These restaurants usually tend to be high end establishments that serve sophisticated food. To be able to do this a casino must employee a top chef.

To be an executive chef at these restaurants is a dream job for many who go through culinary school. Of course, it’s not going to happen straight out of school but with the schooling, you’ll be on your way to this title if you’re good enough.

The executive chef is responsible for creating menus and pricing for the restaurants. This usually includes the type of food being served at the establishment. For example, if a casino wanted to have a restaurant with a French theme they would hire a chef that specialized in French cuisine and the menu would only consist of French delicacies.

The chef must first create a recipe card for each dish so that she can see how much it will cost to make the dish before deciding on a price for the menu. Once this is complete the chef works with the purchasing department to order the needed inventory to make the menu dishes.

The chef makes and maintains the schedule for the other kitchen staff. She over sees the preparation of the menu items to maintain quality food is being served to the customers. The chef is responsible for making sure that the kitchen is meeting the safety rules and regulations of the casino at all times during operation.

The chef must make sure that the restaurant’s inventory is always up to date so as not to run out of any key ingredients. Manages the kitchen staffs work duties and helps when needed. Will periodically inspect food before it’s served to make sure it’s being prepared at the highest quality.

Speaking to customers upon request is another responsibility the chef must undertake. This can sometimes be a good thing and at other times it’s bad. When the report is good the chef can bring back the compliment and congratulate the kitchen staff when it’s bad some changes must be made and the chef has to make that call.

This job is another job that requires a great deal of time on your feet. Most chefs will work and average of 14 hour days which can problems if you have back, feet or leg problems. This employee must also be able to have complete control over their extremities meaning they must be able to use their hands, arms, and eyes to feel and see what is going on. They must also have the ability to lift at least 100lbs.

The requirements for this job vary but the general rule is you have to be at least 21 years old and have a bachelor’s degree in culinary arts and 4 years’ experience as a Sous Chef. If you don’t have bachelor’s but do have an associate in culinary arts then you must also have 6 years of experience as a Sous Chef. Management experience history helps as well. This job usually starts out paying a base pay of around $40,000 but depending on the experience and the success of the venue the pay can grow to the high 60’s or 70’s.

10 Casino Jobs and How to Get Them Conclusion

Casinos offer a wide variety of job opportunities to anyone who wants to work. Remember that like most jobs out there you have to work your way up at a casino. So be willing to start small and build your resume until you get to the job of your dreams. Most casinos promote from within so you have a strong chance to move up if you do your best from the beginning.

Casinos are a great place to work and they can provide you with the stability you‘ve been looking for. With the competitive wages, benefits, and extras associated with casino employment you might just find yourself retiring from this line of work. Good luck and we hope you find the job of your dreams.

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